SASSE Project Holiday Greetings

Year 2020 must have been quite a surprise to all of us, so thank you to everyone who made it possible for our research to continue – even remotely.   

However, the focus is already in the future, and in spring 2021 we will organize the first SASSE seminar under the theme “Digital platforms in Finland” – practical examples, the results of the spring 2020 interview round and thoughts on the next steps in the project. More on this later! 

There have also been changes in our team: research assistant Jani Haimilahti graduated in June and moved into industry. Jaakko Vuolasto started as a junior researcher and doctoral thesis worker in the autumn, and Sonja Hyrynsalmi went on parental leave. 

The next research lines of the SASSE project will focus on cloud-based integration platforms, developer experience, and digital platforms governance and decision-making. If these themes resonate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or if you have in mind a theme from the platform economy that should be tackled, just send a message. We are also always looking for doctoral thesis workers, including those who work alongside the work! 

Thank you for being involved in enabling the guidelines for the SASSE – Strategic approach to scalable platform-based software and systems development research project. We want to carry out genuinely up-to-date and concrete research, so the messages from the field are important. 

Image: Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

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