February project status update

After the initial discussions on the next steps, we have now moved onto the data collection phase. At first instance we will be collecting data in the form of interviews and focusing on different kinds of IT companies based in Finland that have a clear connection to external integrations, either as solution providers or then via the service or product the copany is developing. The overall intention is to interview both software developers, who are more connected to the actual technological side of integrations, but also managers, who are more aware of the managerial implications and preparations of carrying through integrations.  

The first interviews have already been done, and we wish to thank all the interviewees for their contribution so far. Within the upcoming weeks and months we will be continuing our first round of interviews and also start looking into the collected data and the themes emerging from it. The intention at this point is to use thematic analysis for analyzing the data and adopt a grounded theory approach.

Based on the results obtained from the initial data analysis we begin looking into the suitable avenues for publishing the first results of our research. The most likely options at this stage are different conferences, regarding which we will be targeting conferences both in the field and research area of software engineering as well as information systems. When possible, the publications or at least links to those will also be posted here and communicate those also in our Twitter feed, @SASSEproject.

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