SASSE project tackles the problem of utilizing and integrating to external software-based platforms and infrastructures. Our main objective is to create a theory that explains the success of how software and systems developing organizations can exploit external and often global platforms for creating scalable systems and services. We analyze Finnish development organizations and distill from them approaches that lead to sustainable success. Based on the findings we will propose practices for growing software organizations with global aspirations. This objective can be conceptualized into three main themes, presented in the form of large research questions:

  1. What explains the success in exploiting external platforms? What are the pitfalls in using them?
  2. What are effective and efficient practices and strategies to develop software products and services that integrate to external platforms?
  3. How to prepare for evolution and possible disruption in external platforms?

The viewpoint of local developers to external platforms is not well supported neither by scientific research nor practical examples. The area is scarcely studied. There is neither clear advice or instructions for practitioners. Consequently, we consider that this research area offers significance for both research and practice, uniqueness, and high potential for economic and scientific impact.

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