Strategic approach to scalable platform based software and systems development (1.1.2020 – 31.12.2022)

Our mission

SASSE project tackles the problem of utilizing and integrating to external software-based platforms and infrastructures. Our main objective is to create a theory that explains the success of how software and systems developing organizations can exploit external and often global platforms for creating scalable systems and services.


Digital Platform Strategies

SASSE organised an online event titled “Global and Local Digital Platform Strategies” on 22 April, 2021.  The event discussed the topic from the perspectives of both academia and practitioners while also presenting some of the results obtained from our research project so far. In the opening presentation of the event, professor Kari Smolander from LUTContinue reading “Digital Platform Strategies”

Join Our Online Event: Global and Local Digital Platform Strategies

ONLINE EVENT | 22.4.2021 15:30 – 18:00 Globally run digital platforms have great local impacts as companies of various sizes seek to utilize these platforms in their daily businesses. Various questions emerge on the use of these platforms, such as whatare the benefits and possibilities these platforms offer, how to form successful business strategies aroundContinue reading “Join Our Online Event: Global and Local Digital Platform Strategies”